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Tips on how to make it work 

If you reached this page, I assume that you might be interested or are debating on having your session taken, maybe you wonder how and what is going to happen when you decide to let me capture your unforgettable moments.

You might be surprised, but I am not the kind of person who enjoyed to have her pictures to be taken. Posing for pictures takes a lot of effort and, lets face it, not everyone looks like an editorial model with no knowledge on posing and smiling to the camera. I can reassure you that will be my job to guide you through the process and together we will succeed, to make you feel and look at your finest. 


I am extremely flexible, open and I can be goofy and funny. Many people describe me as a positive introvert :)  It is my job to make this experience as painless as possible for you and to make you happy with the portraiture for many years to come. 

Depending on the style you might consider, funky, classic, elegant or funny, I will guide you through this process on the spot. Let's create something fresh together. No Pinterest or Instagram ideas (pretty boring on my books).

When it comes to posing, and making you as less uncomfortable as possible, my goofiness will play a major part to let you feel entertained. If you require me to wear Darth Vader helmet to make you feel better, NO Problem :)

The outfit you will wear will definitely play a major role in making your portraiture to stand out and professional. One of the main reasons why we will meet for an initial consultation, is to custom arrange your wardrobe to fit your style and the final look of the images (again depending on the style you click with the most). But this is only a suggestion, at the end of the day these will be your images so if you feel like wearing a winter coat in the summer, thats fine with me. 

When it comes to make up and hair, unless you feel like not having one on the set, we can always schedule the presence of a makeup artist or an hairdresser or both. If not, your own makeup and hair will give you a natural look, to capture your true look and personality. Let's not forget the famous '80 hairstyles - exactly my point. 

If there is any chance, you could get some rest and be as much relaxed as possible before our session, that will help the outcome of the session for sure. Mainly to maintain all the good vibes around to make it unforgettable memories and pleasant experience for all of us, besides no one ever looked good angry on the pictures unless you've Iron Man.

I believe this will do for now. If  you have any further question that I wasn't able to answer already, please email me at, I will try to answer it ASAP :)

I look forward meeting you in person :)


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