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Painting to kill some time

How can you escape your daily monotonous life and stay at home? Painting is one of the most relaxing hobbies you can have, all you need is a peace of wood, canvas, metal absolutely anything brush and paint. Creating clouds, tress just like Bob Ross did 😁🤞watching him, I fall asleep within 40 minutes, sound of his voice is a natural sleep sedative 😂 Mixing paint is an amazing experience, every time it comes up to be a different colour. Basically you have the residue from the previous colour and you can create a verity of shades and colours at least that's how I do it and it works. I encourage everyone to try, doesn't cost much but you never know what you're capable of untill you try. Your paintings might not be displayed in Luvre but sure enough your family and friends will make you feel like a professional artist.

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