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Healing through Sounds

I find that one of the most important additives to my life is sound like the sounds of nature and the sounds of music.

Many years ago I had the passion to learn how to play the guitar. My father bought for me a used, very very cheap guitar to play on, but I never did. As a teenager I had a bunch of bullies at school and I was very quite about it (back then was the norm to bully someone) so I became self cautious and shy, I was scared and depressed. Long story short I never learnt how to play. Many years passed until my husband introduced me to his passion for the guitar, every time I listen to him playing on the guitar I feel better, my mind travels to places of peace.

I highly doubt I will ever try to learn to play it, but at least I can enjoy someone else playing it for me.

As a photographer I love to capture these beautiful pieces of art and photograph them since I have a small collection at home.

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