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Green Light

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

Set up for this lamp was planned and well though of, for me it has a very special meaning which I tried to capture with my picture.

Green colour plays a very special role in helping our nervous system to relax. It helps in relieving stress by diffusing our anxiety and helps us stay calm and refreshed. It is very crucial for everyone to surround themselfs with nature, especially in this stressful and chaotic world.

Today just browsing though the internet, I noticed an article how a orangutan was fighting for his territory with the deforestation bulldozer by trying to protect its natural habitat in Indonesia.

Just the thought about it makes me wonder, which is the direction that people are going. We are destroying everything what comes on our way in a very selfish way.

Unless we stand up together to change this practices, our ecosystem wil be lost for ever. How I see improvement, is by changing our food habits and minimalizing our footprint we can make difference.

One step at a time in a right direction

Green Priorities

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