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Graduation during the Pandemic

It has been a wild journey for all of us. Our life changed tremendously for each and every one of us. Some of us unfortunately weren't that lucky to even survive it including my own Grandmother, RIP. During this difficult and odd time, we had plenty of time to reflex on our own life and make certain adjustments. Some they require lots of sacrifice, including loosing job or changing it, missing on in-class learning experience, loosing contact with our family and friends, occasionally permanently loosing contact with them due to miss-information in regards to severity of COVID19. I am considering myself lucky, I am alive and well with two vaccinations already provided by the Federal Government of Canada. I manage to celebrate my virtual graduation, created my my Polytechnic NAIT. So a word of advice to you is cherish every day and walk as a champion, because some of us weren't that lucky and unfortunately lost their fight.


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