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Framed with Passion

Edmonton is very rich in many very talented Artists, whom are expressing themselves all over the city. In particular this mural caught my attention for its richness in colour and subjects, and this very particular window which is just in the middle of the entire peace of art. I visited this spot around 2 p.m. which gives the best light possible and is letting all the pigments of the paint glow in the sun.

I wish I could understand what the artist meant, by choosing mountains in the spring time as main subject.

How I interpreted it, is by opening this widow, you can see better world and opportunities for everyone in our community. This mural in this particular spot should draw attention to everyone passing by and let them think outside of the box.

This mural you can find on 118 Avenue and 91 Street.

Mural painted by Edmonton Artists
Colourfull wall

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