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Updated: Nov 7, 2018

Edmonton is the city where I live in and take all my inspirations from. This beautiful city is constantly evolving. New projects are appearing and are being combined with all the old architecture off the city, which makes it perfectly balanced and diversified with all different styles of architecture.

Sunny bright days remind me of our community, despite all the hassle of a daily life, people are being helpful to one another in every possible way, which makes Edmontonian's one big great community.

This particular picture was taken in October as the sun was going down showing all these highlights and shadows, combined with the blue sky and white clouds, balancing all these colors into complementary harmony. It wasn't long until I found perfect title for this Image, which is called "Complementary Bridge".

Slowly we are getting ready to welcome winter into our city, which will become way cooler and snowy, so stay posted for more pictures of Edmonton in the Winter time :) Till then enjoy sunny warm days with a cup of warm apple cider and your Halloween treats :)

Walterdale Bridge, Edmonton, AB

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