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Child Struggle

This image is part of my thesis named “within the eyes of a child”. I’ve spent some time thinking on what subject to pick for it, I’ve reached deep into my memories and found out billions of ideas to approach the subject. It wasn’t easy and its been so long ago, but i made it and I am proud of what i’ve created.

As a child that struggled with reading, writing etc. being dyslexic, it wasn’t easy. What made it easy was my parents approach to my struggles since the first days of school. My mother saw that I needed help and she saw how creative I could be. She spent endless hours on crafting, painting and delivering informations through art, colours and visual stimulation just to help me overcome my dyslexia. It is thanks to my mother and her sacrificing her time every single day that I was able to move forward. Today I know that all that time she spent with me made me an artist, my brain never slows down, I see art everywhere and the ideas are flowing just as you would drive a fast car (the faster the better). I am not a good writer but I’m a hell of a good painter :) #NAITphototech2020 #yegphotography #yegartist #yegart #children #childrenmemories #dislexia #dislexiastruggles #picasso #painting

#vividcolors #freedom #memories #memoriesmade

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