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Contact me 

e-mail:       Phone: 780-996-7087


Justina here, I am a Professional Photographer graduate of NAIT Photography Technology Program. I am still exploring and continuing to learn new and more exciting secrets about this profession, constantly evolving with my craft. Visual Artist that's my another passion, exploring all the potentials of Acrylic Paints. 

I am an optimistic, passionate about life in general, buddhist, nature lover, an unconditional dogs lover. I can keep going with 100 more things I love but that would be pretty boring. Unless you would like to hear more, lets meet for a coffee and you will be surprised :)

I've started Photography pretty late in my life, mainly due changing of career and circumstances. Photography makes me happy, as you can see. I love all different styles and subjects but I always find my way to capture and edit them leaving my personality behind in order to put the images first. 

Currently I am operating a Canon system, which by far, for me personally, is the best (debatable in the photography field). 

When it comes to diffrent editing softwares i managed to try Capture One, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Premiere but at the end of the day, I feel like a fish in the water with Adobe Photoshop.

My editing tends to make the images I take very vibrant and colourful without losing the real impact they need to have to the final viewer. 

Part of the reason is that beside photography I am passionate about Arts in general and painting in particular. Due to the school demands, I had to pause my canvas passion and focus myself just on photography, but whenever I have a spare minute for myself I tent to get some brushes, paint and canvas and I am in heaven. 

My favourite colour is orange, part of the reason why my Logo looks the way it does. My logo reflects on photography and painting as my passions. 

Personal life: Happily Married with the Love of my life and my little Shih-tzu who has personality issues due to being rotten spoiled. 

If you feel like I didn't sound boring enough till now, I would like to personally invite you for a coffee and get to know one another :)

With Love 


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